In-bound Services

Use valuable content to attract new customers without relying on interruption-based ads or cold email outreach. Create content that answers questions their audience is already asking, then use free resources and forms to convert website visitors into leads.

Customer acquisition/retention is a major objective for any leading organization in today’s highly competitive and consumer-centric industry. We can create solutions to match your needs, whether you need B2B appointment setting or lead generating. We understand the importance of important indicators like customer happiness, first call resolution, and cost per hour in determining a company’s overall success.


When it comes to inbound customer support, having a single point of contact is ideal. 360 Marketing Zone has fully prepared people to handle any form of inbound traffic effectively and autonomously, whether it’s product purchase orders or customer care inquiries.


Having a 24/7 availability on phones is a crucial need of every business now a days. Through us, your business achieve round-the-clock presence at a low cost.


If you want technical assistance for your valued clients, we are the company for you. We have employees who are capable of providing excellent customer service and who can quickly understand the technical aspects of any product and solve accordingly.

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